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The Coaches

This site is connected to two Gymnastic coaches in British Gymnastics Tutor & Assessor, Al Armitage, also a qualified High performance women’s coach for many years.

He is also the founder & prevous Director & Head coach of club and charity Arabian school of gymnastics 1997 to 2019.

Hannah Bond is the other British Gymnastics level 3 coach and the two coaches have been intrinsically linked for over 19 years and both share the same values and interests with in the sport of gymnastics.

This site has information regarding both these two passionate and caring coaches for anyone interested in what they do in the UK & what they thrive to do in Sri Lanka. If interested in hiring Al as a personal mentor, please enquire via the e-mail address.

The Albondo Project

This site is also the home of The Albondo project this is where both coaches are more than willing to spend a great deal of their time developing the sport in Sri Lanka if a suitable sponsor steps forward with an equal interest in helping develop the skillful, yet under developed children of Sri Lanka
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The site is also home to the three Albondo Gymnastic events hosted by the coaches called The National Roses, The Code Breakers and the Moo Moo Invitation.
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