Al Armitage

Alan Armitage

has been in the sport of Gymnastics since 1992.

He has no less than 18 different qualifications related to the sport of gymnastics. Olympic High performance coach in Women’s Artistic.

Teachers tutor, Coach tutor at level 1 and level 2, Assessor for 6 ability levels across 7 regions in Britain and also an internal Verifier for British Gymnastics and 1st4sport. These are to name some highlights of his pedigree.

Al is a free agent April 2019 onwards and has been approached by a few sporting entities, but he has accepted a position as head coach at Salto Gymnastics club Luton in October, after being requested to assist them for possibly up to one year.

Some of the roles Al can be hired for:

More personal/ history info about Al can be found here


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