Al has a deep passion in teaching children of all ages gymnastics and can easily slot into a club. He has the ability to draw the very best from his gymnasts. He can be hired for private tuition. Families considering this may request a meeting to hire his services as a personal coach either in the U.K. or overseas.He has taught from crawling ages to gymnasts turned 25 years old. But his skill is with children aged 7 to 20 without doubt.

He has the record of having gymnasts win Gold medals in Tasmania, Belgium, Malta,Canmore and Toronto in Canada,San Diego & Texas in USA, Silver in Chicago and Gold and overall champion in Hawaii along with 19 medal haul the biggest by any English club. But all this was with gymnasts not deemed as elite, just good gymnasts that he got the very best out of.

His teaching of grass roots in Sri Lanka is second to none and along with Hannah Bond he is the only UK coach to teach in such deprived areas on a regular basis. So anyone hiring him as a coach are gaining a person with a great background of teaching on many levels.The best gymnasts are taught by Al In Colombo, Lanka along with the most poor of poor children on grass in the jungle areas.

He can walk into a club and help any club, any coaches at most levels. He believes in getting the basics right first, but also believes gymnasts should be ready to compete at all times.
His success with his gymnasts at Arabian was excellent yet not one ever trained more than 12 hours a week, yet went on to beat overseas gymnasts who trained mre than double.

October 2019: Salto Gym club in Luton requested he step in as head coach for 6 months with an option to extend to 12 months. His role is to stabilise the club and support ALL coaches in their development, especailly whilst the clubs present acting Head coach is on 12 months leave.He has also taken charge of the training of the top squad group WA within the club.

Teaching in schools is also an option for Al as he has a huge experience in working in over 40 schools in Milton Keynes. He can be hired to take classes relieving teachers whilst he introduces games and grass root basics of gymnastics to the children.

Not only has he worked in schools in the UK but has great experience working in schools in Sri Lanka where English was the second language.
The biggest amount he had to teach at one time in Sri Lanka was just shy of 500 girls at the same time, with his great friend & coach Glenn Gamotis.

His ability to adapt on the spot was never more shown better when in a school in Milton Keynes England.
He had a class indoors of 32 when the heavens opened on the other 33 children outside and they joined him in the hall. He then for 60 minutes had 65 children aged from 8 to 11 having the most amazing fun time, so much fun the head teacher came in to see the amazing spectacle ( noise) of 65 children all running at the same times without inccident.

He has worked in Private schools as well as public schools so can adapt to any system and as a self employed person there is less pressure on the schools regarding HR and admin.


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