Consultant for charity and clubs

Al’s career history speaks for itself. He has a huge wealth of experience in sponsorship, marketing, web creation, team building and generally pushing your club/charity to stand out above the others.

His experience in building up a club from nothing to a “major force” is an achievement that he can do again despite many hurdles along the way. If you want your club to outshine rivals, then there is nobody better than Al for this.

He created Arabian School of Gymnastics from nothing all on his own. Al created a team around him that shared and understood his vision, as many would be scared to attempt the things he has done.
He started the club with a small cash tin on his lap and today it has £300k turn over.
He always thinks up new ideas and way to create funding and improvements. His club was the first all girls gymnastic club to ever gain a sponsor where upon their name was embroidered on the top athletes competitive leotards.


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