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Al who has turned 50,has 5 daughters including two sets of twins. His daughters are all now older and independantly sufficient.

His early years he was a decorator with his own sucessful Business before the sport of gymnastics started to interest him. He quickly realised that after seeing some woeful clubs go to the wall and badly managed, that he could likley do better,and indeed went onto do.


He spent 4 years as a full-time community sports coach in the city of Milton Keynes reaching out to over 40 schools representing MK Council and Sport England.
It was a role he totally adored but it ended when Sports England said that all targets had been reached.


He organised some of the most talked about Gymnastics summer camps in the UK and was the first director to have camps laced with trips out and entertainment brought in for the children. They made thousands of pounds profit for charity club Pinewood gymnastic club in Berkshire, as well as going down as the most famous camps ever undertaken. Al’s ability to have fun and enjoy everything he does, makes the children and the team also look forward to attending.


Al was the founder, head coach and director of Arabian School of Gymnastics from ( 1997 Bletchley Artistic) 1999 to 2019. A club he created from 39 original children, that now provides gymnastics to 1000 gymnasts per week.

Arabian had a team of 30 and a turn over close to £300K per annum. It has been a not-for-profit charity for 18 of those 20 years. Over the years Alan has been instrumental in personally educating and mentoring well in excess of 100 coaches. In April 2019 Al decided to step down so that he could try new ventures.

In 1999 and 2000 he was awarded sports coach of the year for Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes, the first and still only gymnastic coach to ever recieve both top awards.


In 1995, Al was instrumental in saving another gymnastic facility and charitable club (Milton Keynes School of Gymnastics) from going bankrupt. This was achieved by raising £75k in less than 24 months. It now has a £850k turnover and 80 staff with over 2500 children a week. The club is now about to have a £7.5 million new complex built.
This showed his ability to raise funds and the success of that club now, always makes hime feel good as it was a close call if they were to survive.


Al has taught in many parts of the world including Tasmania, Sri Lanka, South Africa & the USA.
He has produced countless high level gymnasts winning at County and Regional levels and has taken gymnasts to National Squad and had gymnasts competing and winning in Canada, Australia, Belgium & Malta.
His last success was in 2017 when he won a record 19 medals, including an overall Champion for any English club in Hawaii USA. What was even more remarkable was the fact his gymnasts trained half the hours of the other competing International clubs.

He has had an amazing track record of getting athletes who have quit/given up/burned out etc to believe in themselves under his method of Psychology and training and they have gone on to become champions again.


Al is the founder/organiser of national events – The National Roses and the Code Breakers. At these two events, hundreds of gymnasts come from all over the UK and often overseas. They are deemed as two of the most popular events in the UK and are always over-subscribed. 2020 see’s Al create a 3rd and new National event called the Moo Moo.


January 2005 saw him fly to Sri Lanka directly after the horrific Tsunami where he travelled all around the south coast, helping children and families who lost so much. The scenes of devastation to infrastructure and human lives affected Al for many years.

Al was the only NGO gymnastics sports coach to think up and organise such visits to the camps to interact with the children directly; and he also visited many schools that had lost parents and families.
2008 saw Al take 3 of his most well-known gymnasts to work in schools in an attempt to twin poor schools in Sri Lanka with schools back in the UK.

This involved teaching literally hundreds of children at a time when they endured the ravaging sun having to work outside with trampette and dance.

Al has been teaching and delivering gymnastic programmes in Sri Lanka since 2001, working to help Sri Lankan children in schools with poor equipment.

He bravely helped in the tsunami aftermath support and, the irony is that he is only alive today due to a Sri Lankan, which makes unbelievable reading. In 2009 Al was incredibly fortunate to have survived, having been swept away by a powerful riptide near Hikkaduwa whilst taking a break in Sri Lanka.

As he struggled against the fast riptide he got cramp and was drowning when an observant surfer pulled him out of the water, literally as he went under.
The experience has taught him to always see the positive side of life even when surrounded by sadness and droves of nagativity.


One of the most touching things Al has done for many years is take a couple of his top athletes into MK Hospital to give gifts to children at Christmas time.
But unlike the mega rich football celebrities who would do it with cameras and way before the day, he would actually visit on Christmas morning.
He felt it was important that his athletes gave their own Christmas day time to those less fortunate,teaching them to really give, you need to give from the heart he would say to his girls.


Outside of the sport of Gymnastics he helped a young friend come out of a coma after doctors said the lad would never recover and he massively assisted two childen who lost their mother in a car accident on Christmas night they were involved in, with help from celebrities Noel Edmonds & the late Princess Diana.


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