This role Al offers is truly unique and varies from person to person, as it is designed and molded to fit the clients needs. Al finds this role is most fitting and often most needed for those who are often on the road and spend much of their time travelling around.

Al is friendly, very professional and an excellent listener. He can be a personal assistant in lots of fields from personal fitness, healthy eating, social discussions, and mental stimulation along with psychological pathways to make the person feel good about themselves, via simplistic self-reflection and positive feedback.

The mentor is a relationship-based situation where Al wants to focus on work and pleasure balances, self-confidence, self-belief & self-perception.

The mentor needs time building a one to one relationship, creating an atmosphere and caring environment, where he can assess and develop the mentored forward and positive thinking. It’s equally important that the mentored gets to know the mentor, therefore developing & creating a bond of friendship.

More often than not, when Al has spoken with people who have travelled a great deal on their own, they have often detailed that their biggest discomfort is the loneliness.

Al believes that loneliness is a very dangerous psychological factor in mental stability & general well being.

“ Loneliness is a most horrid, silent, unseen infliction & it sadly counts for the demise of many good people. If I can help just one person, then I have been successful”
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He believes that having a personal mentor greatly helps the morale and the well being of the individual.
Having someone to talk to, eat with, discuss with, socialize with, laugh & joke with, walk, jog, ride a bike, have a drive or just shop with are all areas of stimulation that are missing when on your own.
Someone who takes the strain of shouldered negativity and turns it into a positive, that’s the mentor’s main role.

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Al’s strengths lie in communication and positive reinforcement. His experience in offering support to those in need has led him to assist in people’s improvements with disorders, depression, addictive tendencies and PTSD.


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