Competitions Calendar



  • The Moo Moo Invitation (2020 results listed below)
    • Date: February 16th
    • Venue: MK Gym, Kingston, MK10 OBA
  • The National Roses CLOSING DATE APRIL 24TH
    • Date: May 24th
    • Venue: MK Gym, Kingston, MK10 OBA
  • The Code Breakers Invitation CLOSING DATE OCTOBER 1ST
    • Date: November 1st
    • Venue: MK Gym, Kingston, MK10 OBA


  • The Moo Moo Invitation
    • Date: February 14th
    • Venue: MK Gym, Kingston, MK10 OBA
  • The National Roses
    • Date: May 30th
    • Venue: MK Gym, Kingston, MK10 OBA
  • The Code Breakers Invitation:
    • Date: November 7th
    • Venue: MK Gym, Kingston, MK10 OBA

Competitions Overview

The National Roses

The National Roses has grabbed the headlines as likely the most popular gymnastic event to be hosted in the country. It has up to 18 clubs Invited to take part and is over subscribed ever year so it’s very hard for new clubs to get Invited. Nevertheless Al always manages to gain new attendees each year. It’s a one day event that will have 300 to 350 gymnasts attending and 12 judges. Gymnasts from overseas have also attended from USA and also Sri Lanka. In a very fast flowing event the event has 5 pieces for the gymnasts to take on. The 2019 Roses Rules
The 2020 Roses Entry Form

The Codebreakers Invitation

The Codebreakers invitation is the sister to the Roses and normally has about 275 to 290 gymnasts take part and is similar in format to the Roses but has different moves set. Other clubs who cant gain entry to the Roses look to this event.Again the event like the Roses is very much participant centered, where Al & Hannah want to try and give as much to the childen as possible.
The Code Breakers Rules

The Moo Moo Invitation

The Moo Moo Invitation is a wonderful fun new event that Al & Hannah are hosting after listening to what clubs want. It will have 4 rounds through the day. The first two rounds are for low level recreational children.
The 3rd round is for advanced recreational gymnasts.
The final rounds of the day are expected to be very very popular as it’s catering purely for those that have gone to University. Therefore is only open to Girls who have been to University or still in attendance of University. Gymnasts at Colleges may request entry by e-mailing a request to attend but numbers will be limited in this final round, with emphasis on University attendees.

There are plans to have three levels in the University Challenge Level 1. Tumble & Vault level 2 and level 3. All levels have tumble run instead of Floor routines. Hannah has created the rules in the Moo Moo with help from Heather Crockford catering for the Boys & Clair Barnes has developed the University rules.


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