Hannah Bond

Hannah Bond

Hannah Bond is a 24 year old with an incredible track record of success. As a gymnast she has competed overseas In Texas, California, Belgium & twice in Hawaii. Winning two Gold medals in her first ever overseas event in Canada, was quite a feat.

A County and Regional Gold medalist and a gymnast with an amazing ability to medal on balance beam any where in the world.

Her floor routines stopped many in their tracks as she glided across the floor like a swan especially to Ravel’s Bolero becoming the first gymnast in the World to attempt the music to gymnastics. It gained her Silver in Hawaii USA in what was her last ever performance!

Hannah has worked with Al for a long time, the two coaches have a unique chemistry and a very professional working etiquette that has seen them gain good results at what ever they jointly put their hands to.
Hannah has experienced world wide travel as a competitor and equally as a coach teaching others alongside her mentor.

It’s widely expected that Hannah will work with Al for many more years to come in a venture in the UK or indeed in Sri Lanka. Hannah knowledge would be used in creating the programme of development for gymnasts and coaches in Sri Lanka.
She is highly instrumental in hosting and running the competitions The National Roses,The Codebreakers and she has recenly designed and helped create the rules for the National Moo Moo event for recreational children at grass roots and also a level for the girls at University.

Hannah deals with the event rules making sure that they are adequate and fair to all athletes as well as dealing with mic in presentation values throughout the day.

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She is also one of just 6 gymnasts that Al selected to perform Balance beam in front of 12,000 football fans in the middle of a stadium. To date still a World’s first that has not been replicated.

As a coach she has an even wider pedigree, she has been assistant head coach for many years, and acting head coach on countless occasions which she has performed with aplomb. She has dealt with every possible attribute needed to run a 1000 footfall Gymnastic club day to day.

She has wonderful temperament with people skills to match and gains respect across the board, even from the more complicated personalities that she has had to deal with over the years. She possesses a natural calming ability and that resonates with all those around her.

SportMk in a big glitzy awards ceremony awarded her as they recognized her achievements as an over 18 sports personality.

She has worked tirelessly in Sri Lanka with grass roots teaching in the Southern province jointing delivering a programme of development.
She has on many occasions assisted the gymnasts of Sri Lanka who represent the country in the commonwealth and Junior Olympic games, by teaching and over looking routines in Colombo.

She has taken squad gymnasts to events all over the UK on her own and has escorted a team back home from Hawaii via LA, showing her unflappable approach to lead.

She has not just learned how to teach children, but to recognize good and bad practice by managing a team of over 20 coaches. She ensures that all coaches and staff do methods safely and correctly.

Hannah is a fully qualified up to Level 3 In British Gymnastics qualification, completing this qualification in January 2020. She has up to date First aid qualification along with enhanced checks for working with children. Presently works In Milton Keynes as a gymnastics coach teaching Women’s Artistic.


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