Here are a few sentences taken from some of the testimonial/character references.
Any genuine interested financial suitor may request the full set of references with full details of the authors.

Sarah White (known over 20 years)

“He always managed to come up with new ideas, dealing with the bookings and parent care making thousands of pounds for Pinewood which meant so much as it was a charitable trust.
I would personally like to thank Alan for all his hard work during this time and I am sure all of those gymnasts & coaches will have some amazing happy memories to look back on.

Since the summer camps, I have attended many of the events and competitions that Alan has organised in just as a professional manner as the camps. He always puts the gymnasts needs first, creating a fun, fulfilled and child led – child friendly atmosphere raising funds for a variety of causes.

He never fails to make people laugh or at least a smile, he has an infectious nature about him and he is as genuine a person as you could ever wish to meet.

I wish Alan all the very best in this truly wonderful venture in Sri Lanka, I really hope someone comes forward to fund it because if they do, they need not worry about the engine taking it forward. He will make it a World’s first and you can rest assured the publicity he will bring will be top draw. He is not shy when it comes to courting the press.”

Peter Durford (Known 9 years)

My daughter got involved with Alan’s club in 2009, at the age of 5 years old. At this time, Alan had the club in a well-established position, negotiating to operate from Bletchley Leisure Centre with a throughput of more than 1000 children per week; this was a significant difference to the 39 children he was training in 1997 – when Alan conceived and established the club – which at this time wasn’t run as a charity.
All of this of course is testament to Alan’s leadership and more notably his determination to see his initiatives through to success.
This project alone is an example of Alan’s vision to create something special, building something from nothing, and turning it into a huge success – which has seen Alan and his students attain accolades on the worldwide gymnastics stage.

Alan worked tirelessly to promote the club’s image, and to help realise this he successfully sought and negotiated a sponsor. This enabled gymnastics equipment and clothing to be purchased, and wider advertising to be funded.
Alan is not driven by personal financial gain, but more by creating something that benefits others – in particular those who are less fortunate.
Further evidence of this was his compassion for victims of the tsunami in 2005, which saw him work as a volunteer NGO in the camps to assist families in aftermath and destruction.

I understand that Alan is developing a new project, which will I’m certain play to all of his experience and personal traits. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alan to anyone that might be considering getting involved.”

Paul Seaby, Chartered Management Accountant (known 19 years) - Treasurer of Alan’s charity for 12 years

“Alan is a very enthusiastic and positive person, and was the principle driver of progress at the Arabian School of Gymnastics. Alan was always very focussed on what he felt was best for the club rather than monitory reward being more concerned with purchasing equipment for the gymnasts than his wages which was reflected in him not taking a wage increase for the last seven years with Arabian.

He in fact relinquished his direct rights as owner of Arabian School of Gymnastics to turn it into a registered charity. By means of this he lost control of the club as an on going business. His decision to do this was so that he could gain funding to offer and create more for the children and essentially train up his team and produce what is a sustainable and progressive club and facility.

Alan is exceptionally good at creating and thinking up new things and making things happen. Alan prefers to not handle money directly and prefers a treasurer to be in charge, but when informed that he needs to make savings or increase revenue in order to afford something such as an extra person or piece of gym equipment he was always reacted very positively and took the appropriate action and never failed to find a way of achieving the objective.
If Alan pulls off his Sri Lankan adventure…and if anyone could pull off such an audacious task, he has the fortitude and direct experience of working in Sri Lanka to do so. I would happily if needed, be involved and support him wholeheartedly.

Graham Howton, Charity Trustee (known 6 years)

“Alan has done some incredible work over the years and has dedicated his life to the gymnastics world. Running, managing, organising and coaching clubs and working alongside, and within, British Gymnastics as a High Performance coach, assessor and mentor. He was the original founder of the Arabian School of Gymnastics over 20 years ago and since then the club has enriched the lives of thousands of local young children and has a consistent membership of over 600 children, predominantly girls but of all ages training every month.

From baby and toddler classes to the senior groups, Alan has been a constant presence in ensuring all of the girls progress quickly but, at the same time have fun and enjoy their time at the gym. Apart from coaching himself, Alan managed all of the coaches, organised all of the international trips, and developed all of the marketing. He was also successful in securing a financial sponsor for the club in the form of a local engineering company, which gave a massive boost in terms of funding for the charity to help secure its long-term future.

Alan gives his time incredibly generously and he has dedicated his life to furthering gymnastics, not only in Milton Keynes, but globally. He offers incredible experiences, delivers quality coaching, and has nurtured hundreds of young people over the years to obtain standards they never thought were possible.”

Mrs Harris (known 12 years)

“In both professional and personal realms, Alan is a leader, he can communicate with people both young and old in a positive and friendly manner, Alan is a person who leads by example and is always happy to go the extra mile to support and mentor a gymnast to reach their full potential.

My daughter along with her fellow gymnasts have been supported, coached and mentored by Alan whilst competing in the UK and various locations around the world, ensuring their safety and wellbeing.

I would highly recommend Alan without any reservation, he would be an asset to any organisation.”


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